Grand Aquarium

 Aquarium Tank
The 10 million liter Hurghada Aquarium tank, is one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world. It is home to thousands of aquatic animals, including 400 sharks and rays. It also boasts the largest collection of sand tiger sharks in the world.
The Guinness World Record-winning acrylic panel in front of the aquarium tank provides free viewing to the public from all 3 levels . Its 48 meter walk-through tunnel features 270-degree views from 11 meters below the surface of the tank.
You can choose to go on an optional glass-bottom boat ride, which will give you unique views of the tank from beneath your feet. If you want to experience a dip in the tank you can opt for a cage snorkeling experience. (Note that optional activities incur additional charges.)
If you’re feeling adventurous you can add a shark dive to your program. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will bring you within inches of a large variety of sharks and rays.
Aquarium Tunnel
The Hurghada Aquarium and Underwater Zoo recreate the fascinating marine environment in near-perfect detail and gives you the opportunity to walk right through it. Located on the ground floor  the 48-meter-long Aquarium Tunnel takes you 11 meters under the surface.
Watch divers feed the sharks and rays and meet an aquarium educator who will share secrets of these amazing underwater animals with you.
Underwater Zoo
Continue your journey into the aquatic world at the Underwater Zoo, where you’ll learn more about the amazing creatures that inhabit the rivers and the oceans.
Located on Level 2, above the Aquarium Tank, the Underwater Zoo leads you through 3 ecological zones. See otters, piranha, Humboldt penguins, Caiman crocodiles, lionfish, giant spider crabs, seahorses, garden eels, archerfish, arapaima, water rats, paddlefish, cichlids, and many more aquatic animals in 40 individual displays.
Look straight down into the 10 million liter tank from a glass floor that hovers above the aquarium. The kids will love it!
Imagine walking along the banks of a pristine river bed surrounded by some of the most incredible freshwater animals alive. Meet up with dangerous piranha, giant catfish, playful otters, water rats, and more!
Rocky Shore
This is where the land meets the sea – a rugged, harsh environment where only the tough survive. Visit a Humboldt penguin colony and see a number of giant spider crabs. If you don't mind getting your hands wet, you can also reach out and touch some of the more hardy rock pool inhabitants.

What's Included:

• Round-trip transfers
• Admission to the Underwater Zoo
• Admission to the Aquarium Tunnel

What's Not Included:

• Meals
• Tips

Good to Know:

See one of the world’s largest suspended aquariums

Discover fascinating marine life at the Underwater Zoo


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